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Consent Form for Collection and Use of Personal Information

Geoseung collects the following types of personal information from business or individual wanting an alliance
1. Required items: [Required]Company's name, proposer's name, e-mail address, contact number/ [Optional] Homepage address, Fax number
2. Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information: Confirming idenfication and securing a smooth communication path according to request
3. Period for Using Personal Information: When all confirmation is completed, we keep the personal information for 3 months and delete it afterwards.
4. For other rules, we follow the privacy statements.

 I agree to the Collection/Usage of Personal Information above


1. Geoseung is not obliged to cooperate with the proposing company nor security on the proposed contents, and may not use them
2. After reviewing, we may not bear the compensation through the advance notice to the proposing company or other duties and no reply may be sent for this, and please kindly understand this point
3. We will surely send a reply to proceed together if the business process is decided after reviewing the proposal given to us

 I have read the caution above