CEO Message

Establish foundation on consistent growth and passionate challenge
to become the Global Top
World’s best
automobile parts

Since the establishment in 2001, Geoseung Co. has been making a rapid growth and supplying fixed weather strips, various hose connectors etc. to automobile makers to take a leap to a global automobile parts manufacturer.

World’s best
medical equipment

We have enlarged the business scope into the injection molding, engraving, special printing, and assembling of medical instrument parts, such as surgical kit (tools for dental surgery), ample, etc., growing into a global medical equipment maker based on the world-class competitiveness in technology, quality, and price.

World’s best
Easy-One System

We have developed and supplied the patented Easy-One system of our own brand in order to improve the dental treatment, environment of dental technician’s work, etc. We will do our best to devote ourselves to the development of local and foreign dentistry and the dental laboratory technology.

Finally, we pursue the futuristic company along with customers and ultimately make a company contributing toward the society, by preferentially focusing on the creation of customer’s value and by all company members’ union.