Ideal Employee

Geoseung reads the flow of change and pioneers the future
Right now, Geoseung prepares for the future.


Continuously challenging for the future with a passion

Creativity, Innovation

Changing the world with creativity and innovation


Be a part of company’s growth with respect, consideration, and individual’s growth


We are providing various welfare system for a heatheir family and life management

Legal Welfare

  • Working hours: 40 hours/week
  • 4 major insurances: (Health insurance/National pension/Employment insurance/Worker’s compensation insurance)
  • Providing annual paid leave and severance pay

Education for children

We provide education fee for workers’ children

Cultural leisure and motivation for workers

  • Family event support: For worker’s family event, we provide special vacation and expense
  • Physical training: Physical training support
  • Condo/Resort : Supports using vacation facilities around the country

Medical support

To prevent workers from getting disease and protect their health, we provide regular check-ups and comprehensive medical check-ups.

Employment Notice

We are waiting for you, who will lead the 21st century with challenge and passion
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