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Injection Molding Equipment
Division Equipment Name Maker Remarks
Injection Molding Equipment Injection Machine 850TON Mitsubishi
Injection Machine 450TON Dongshin
Injection Machine 350TON Hyundai
Motor Injection Machine 300TON Hwanak
Injection Machine 300TON Dongshin
Injection Machine 140TON LG
Injection Machine 100TON Dongshin
Motor Injection Machine 100TON Hwanak
Injection Machine 50TON LG
Attached Equipment Auto Feeding System EOGKSWJSRL 3line
Automatic Dehumidifier 100kg Daehan Electric
Automatic Dehumidifier 150kg Daehan Electric
Pulverizer 15hp Deoksan Platech
Pulverizer 10hp Deoksan Platech
Pulverizer 3hp Deoksan Platech
Hoper loader Daehan Electric
Oven dryer Daehan Electric
Mold Temperature Controller Daehan Electric
Chiller Daehan Electric
Injection Mold Making Equipments
Equipment Name Model Name Maker Quantity Remark
MCT VM-56 Doosan Mecatech 1set
CNC 65VN Hwacheon Machinery 1set
Milling Machine No.2 HMTH-1100 Hwacheon Machinery 2set
Milling Machine No.2 HMTH-100 Hwacheon Machinery 1set
Milling Machine No.5 MV-1.5 Mill Mate 1set
Milling Machine No.5 MKB-U5 Giheung 1set
Discharger NEO505 조양기전 1set
Discharger N450 대한EDM 1set
Molding Grinder 200*400 Samsung 1set
Molding Grinder 200*450 Bugug 1set
M/C Contour Machine DV-450 Daesei Precision Machine 1set
Argon Welding Machine MICOM-300 Sammi 1set
Tool Grinder JY-300 Jinyoung Pricision Machine 2set
Radial DRD-960 Doosan 1set
Hoist 2.8 TON LG 1set
Hoist 10 TON Bando 1set
Molding Plate and others 15종

CNC Engraving Machine
  • Engrave or cut the matters, such as acryl, Foamex, aluminum, wood, artificial marble, plastic, brass, glavalume steel, etc., which can be cut by cutters, such as an engraving cutter, an end-mill, a V-cutter, and an edge forming cutter.
  • After the medical kit case (the high stiffness special plastic material is used) is injection-molded, this machine depressed and embossed engraves it 2-, 2.5-, and 3-dimensionally and in various depths according to the customer’s demand, thereby the high value being created.
  • Drawing Use popular 3-dimensional software programs (SignLab, Enroute, ArtCAM, MasterCAM, and Type3) and drawings
  • Excellemnt data compatibility with application programs (AutoCAD, Coreldraw, etc.) and appropriate to 3-dimensional engraving, forming, modeling, etc.

구분 내용
Work area 1,240mm(X) * 750mm(Y) * 160mm(Z)
Outer dimension 1,900mm(L) * 1,690mm(W) * 1,600mm(H)
Weight 460kg
Type Table Moving Type
Spindle motor 3HP/7.5HP High frequency spindle motor
Peripheral device Air jet device, Chip removing device
Fixing type Vacuum absorption type, Vacuum absorption table & pump
Maximum operating speed 250mm/sec
Positional preciseness ±0.02mm
Repetitive presiceness ±0.005mm
Transfer device Ballscrew, L/W Guide채택
Program Type3 2.5D
Cooling System Mist Coolant(Air)
Transfer device High precision ball screw & L/M guide

구분 내용
Work area HEM32-950mm(X) * 650mm(Y) * 80mm(Z)
HEM42-1,220mm(X) * 650mm(Y) * 80mm(Z)
Outer dimension HEM32-1,540mm(L) * 1,020mm(W) * 750mm(H)
HEM42-1,760mm(L) * 1,200mm(W) * 1,430mm(H)
Weight HEM32-290kg, HEM42-340kg
Spindle Motor 200W고주파 스핀들 모터
Fixing type 클램핑 방식
Maximum operating speed Max 250mm/s
Collet Size Ø4.36
X,Y,Z axis AC Servo Motor and High Precision Ball Screw, L/M Guide
Repetitiveness 0.005mm
Position 0.02mm
Power source 220V, 1Phaase(50/60Hz) or requested
Silk Screen Print Machine

Manual silk screen printing machine

  • Meet the customer demand of small quantity batch production
  • Flatness of a work table is maintained by using a stainless steel and honeycomb

Semi-automatic silk screen printing machine

  • A stereotype plate is fixed with one touch by using a pneumatic system
  • Flatness of a work table is maintained by using a stainless steel and honeycomb
  • A special device is used to prevent the stereotype plate from being thrust
  • A side frame moves up and down under the control of an inverter, so that the trembling may be prevented

Stereotype plate exposure machine

  • Obtain uniform luminosity by using an embossed aluminum
  • Adopt seven different memory types to control various models
  • Operate with accumulated light sensing
  • Employ a vacuum pressure adjusting valve
Equipment name Model Name Maker Quantity Introduced Year Remarks
Projector PV-3507 Mitsutoyo 1set 2003
Height gauge HDS-30 Mitsutoyo 1set 2001
D-hardness gauge Mitsutoyo 1set 2002
Radiation themometer RAYST20 RAYTEK 2set 2003
Micrometer 0-25MM Mitsutoyo 1set 2001
V/C 150MM외 Mitsutoyo 10set 2001
Tap gauge Mitsutoyo 2set 2001
Gap gauge 0.03-1.00 SSK 3set 2001
Many others