Core Value

Concentrate company’s all the capability by putting customers as number one priority



Love family, neighbor and myself
Allegiant to the country and contribute to society.


Administrative Principle

Take the customer value first, and serve to the society


Our challenge: 3 strategies to jump up to become the major company


Continuous improvement on business structure

Geoseung is making business portfolios by diversifying related businesses.
By cultivating a high value-added markets, not only we will create new profits, but also maximize business value along with rapidly adapting to business circumstances.


Securing customer competitiveness

Geoseung is actively advancing into automobile parts, industrial products, and medical products business. We will heighten our phase as a reliable parts manufacturer, through enlarging the more systematic supply capacity and the smooth follow-up service. It is our very duty that heightens the competitiveness of customers.


Investment for future

Geoseung’s quality management system takes customers first and aims at technologies.
We will design the long-term growth, through investment in R&D and human resources for securing technological development and capabilities