Gyeongnam Province, Changwon News, and South Gyeongsang Province signed a memorandum of understanding for the construction of the Korea Anti-aging Convention Center, and signed a special contract with the Yangsan City, Yangsan Pusan National University Hospital, and Hyeseong. 2016.5.18

(Changwon = Yonhap News Agency) : The research and development center will be established to nurture the bilateral aviation industry, one of South Gyeongsang’s strategic projects for the future.

Gyeongnam Province held a signing ceremony for a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the establishment of the R&D Center for the names of the two anti-nationalist relatives at the conference room on Friday.

The signing ceremony in Hong Joon-pyo and the Yangsan Pusan National University Hospital of the production market of old age, nadongyeon, Dream Con Kim Young-Gyu Corp., bangminseong geoseung one, anhonggil teugipi hanjonghyeon, a representative.Corp., was attended by more than 60 officials, including representatives of emaitek.

In December last year, they decided to cooperate with each other on the project to construct an R&D Center under the name selected in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy’s public offering.

On the project to construct a research and development center for anti-carcinogenic diseases by building a 6,000 ㎡ building on the site of Yangsan Pusan National University Hospital, 9.3 billion won (9.95 million dollars) will be invested in the project, including government funds.

On this project, companies participating in the convention will collaborate with provincial governments, mass production university hospitals, and other organizations to establish R&D cooperation and corporate research centers. In addition, it decided to invest 68 billion won (68 million dollars) in the expansion of new products and facilities, including localization of professional medical devices that are heavily dependent on imports.

Dreamcon, a leading manufacturer of optical medical devices and exports contact lenses to more than 50 countries, expects to invest 45 billion won in new production facilities and create 200 jobs with this deal.

The company will invest 13 billion won in R&D organizations and manufacturing facilities to make catheter localization a thin, film-shaped medical instrument that is inserted into the human body, and hire 25 professional workers.

M.C.Tech, a specialized company of Hana University, will establish a stent related to medical devices at Yangsan University Hospital, and release a new product based on research and development and technology transfer associated with hospitals.

South Gyeongsang Province is promoting this project as it predicts that the future of the health care industry will be highlighted due to the increase in medical services and the spread of well-being culture stemming from the aging society.

According to the report, the global medical device market will grow 7.1 percent next year from 289.8 billion dollars in 2011 to 444.4 billion dollars.

“two anti-aging uisaengmyeong r and d center construction business is milling top priority in the future 50 years, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea strategy to push projects such as the anti-aging industry’s core business.” and is Hong Joon-pyo governor.“two anti-aging industry required row in research and development, and for research and development for financial support to do my best.” he said.

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